The Awkward Game

Okay ladies, Im going to give you the best kept secret for getting guys to introduce themselves to you at the bar. The awkward game. And yes it sounds just as weird as the name. Heres how you play: one friend single out a cute guy in the room while the other has to go up to them and either: run your hand through his hair or slowly bend over (and I mean in slow motion). Then turn around and make extreme eye contact while trying hard not to laugh then turn and burn/walk away. Sounds ridiculous but its magic, I swear. And it’s really fun after a few lemon drops…

A few nights ago I was out with a group of girls and they singled out a guy for me. I confidently walked my model walk up to this fella ran my fingers through his hair with our eyes locked. We bonded the whole night and when I mean bonded I mean make out, classy, I know. I was horny and really needed a good night so I brought him back to my friend’s apartment in the city. Little did I know she brought someone back as well so we were stuck on the couch.

I gave him some green lights, let his fingers travel and my god. There should be classes teaching guys how to finger. I thought he was going to rip my ovaries out. To stop this god awful madness I took my shirt off and by the look this guy gave me you would think I was the only naked girl he had ever seen. Oh shit. So being the bitch I am I took control and made the rest of the moves. He had no game…this was going to suck. I was horny though so I was on a mission. Just when I found out his package was surprisingly large he blurted out “I haven’t had sex in 7 months!” Im thinking, “What the fuck, why would anyone say that?” But I still pressed on…

Finally getting a grove he pushes me off and runs to the kitchen trash can. You can only imagine what was going through my head. Apparently he was “backed up” so far that he could fill gallons with his “waste” and didn’t trust a condom. Who in the hell runs to the trash can? After that I gave the “I have an early morning” speech to give him a hint. He didn’t get the hint. I spent all night crammed on a couch with the biggest loser I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and still so horny. Fuck.

I still believe in the awkward game and it’s powers so its worth a try ladies. Just don’t play when you need that itch scratched.



One thought on “The Awkward Game

  1. The “Awkward Game” sounds like the “Have You Met Game” my friend and I play. The garbage can thing is just weird!

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