Mr. Bad News part 1


I got invited to a double birthday, nothing big we were just going to grill out and then hit some of the local bars. I wasn’t really in the mood to be going out I had to work in the morning and getting hammered that night just didn’t sound good to me. I go though. I know almost everyone there but there is this one guy with the prettiest baby blue eyes (I am a sucker for blue eyes) who I didn’t know. He was dressed well too, button down shirt, dark wash jeans (that mad his ass look amazing) and nice loafers. He was dressed better then most of the girls at the party. I mean yea we were just going to local bars but who doesn’t want a man that can dress well!  We all go to the bar and this mystery man, who still hasn’t introduced himself, comes up to me and asks if I want a drink. Go figure my answer was yes, little did I know that drink was actually going to be a shot and that shot was going to be tequila. I looked at him laughed and said, “oh hell you are bad news,” and took the shot. we chat for a little while and then go our separate ways.

I ended up making a comment to one of the birthday girls about how hot Mr. Bad News was, she goes yea I know he is my ex. Talk about a screeching halt… or well it should have been. I was sitting at the bar talking to anther friend and he came and sat next to me, we started talking, he was flirting I was defiantly flirting back. He kept reaching over to touch my arm or my knee nothing to serious but just enough to keep me sitting there. I casually mentioned that  I knew him and birthday girl used to be together and  I wasn’t trying to step on anyones toes if they still had a thing for each other. He explained that it ended a couple years ago but that they had stayed friends. I really should have stopped while I was ahead but I didn’t. I ended up leaving early but not before we had made plans for the next night and slipped him my number. He gave me a hug and a quick peck on the cheek, he did just enough that night to keep me interested and little did I know that when I called him Mr. Bad News that night that he would live up to that name in more ways than one! Stayed tuned for Mr. Bad News part 2 I can promise it will be worth it…



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