To See Him or Not To See Him That Is The Question…



Do you remember Mr. Goofball from my Tinder post? Well He wants to get together this week and I have literally been well not blowing him off but putting him off. I really don’t know if I want to see him again. I mean yea he was fun and we had an ok conversation but that is about it. He didn’t leave a lasting impression, actually he didn’t even leave me wanting more. He texted me a couple days later and said he was considering coming to watch a race I was in. Now this would have been sweet we were more serious but considering I had only seen him once and my race was in a completely different state I found it a little creepy. There is a line between cute and creepy and offering to drive to another state to watch an hour race (most of which you couldn’t see) to see someone you’ve met once is definitely on the creepy side of the line.

 I’m a handful I’ll be the first to admit it so I need someone who can balance me out as well as keep my interested. I feel like if I keep seeing him I’m just going to end up walking all over him. Which to some extent would probably be slightly entertaining (in the nicest way possible) but at the end of the day I don’t want someone I can walk over. I can’t help but think if that is how he is on a date I wonder how he would be in bed?

The saying goes “a lady in the streets a freak in the bed” well same goes for you guys! There are very few times I will let someone control me but in the bedroom is one of the places. I just don’t think Mr. Goofball could hang in the bedroom and I’m not sure I even want to find out. Maybe I’ll give him one more chance seeing as I promised Blakely but lets just get one thing clear I am not excited about this date, and unless there is a miracle I probably will never see him again. I guess I should go text him back now…

Sorry I’m a bitch…


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