Just Some Random Number


THIS ONE IS TO THE GUYS… Get the hint already…

Ok so this random guy keeps texting me and I have to call him a random guy because I honestly don’t remember his name. I’m guessing Blakely and I met him at some bar one night and I gave him my number for one of two reasons I thought he was hot or I was trying to bail quickly. Normally though if I am trying to bail on a guy for whatever reason I give him the wrong number or play the I’m to drunk card and pretend to giggle and stumble off with the promise that I will find him later (I never do). I’m guessing though since he has my real number that I found him somewhat attractive. To bad I don’t even know his name though! We have texted back and forth a little but I haven’t responded in over a week now. The last thing he asked before I stopped responding was could he call me so that we could get to know one another better… umm… I think stabbing myself in the eye with scissors would be less painful then trying to carry on a conversation with a guy I’ve never really talked over the phone. I mean why can’t we just text and then met up for drinks or something?

Needless to say I stopped responding its not the classiest thing to do but oh well. Anyway so I haven’t said a word, not one word, since January 17 and in that time he has sent not one not two but 13 different messages! 13 MESSAGES! Look guys we think its cute when you want to talk to us and make an effort with us but don’t be that guy, don’t be an over text-er. All you are doing when you text that much is driving us straight up a wall and straight out of your life. Besides if she hasn’t responded in two weeks the odds are she is never going to respond. As I scroll back through the conversation I see that he was sending paragraphs while I was only answering in one or two lines. Clearly he still hasn’t gotten the picture because I got another text this morning which is what prompted this little rant.

Guys don’t like pushy/clingy girls anymore then girls like pushy/clingy guys. GET THE FUCKING PICTURE ALREADY if we wanted to see you I promise we would make an effort ands come hell or high water we would meet up with you but if we go days without responding the odds are you were nothing but “that hot guy from the bar” at the bar  and we never wanted or expected it to be more. At this point dude you have crossed the line and whatever shot you originally had is gone and now you’re just some random number..

End rant.


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