Mr. Off Limits

I’ve been dating if I should tell this story and some others that go along with it but here it goes…

So a little over a month ago I went to grab drinks with a guy friend of mine. I’ve been friends with him and his room mate since I moved here so it wasn’t a date or anything. He had just gotten out of a relationship and just wanted to go out and take his mind off things. I’m always down to go grab a drink so we met up at a local bar. If had been a while since we had hung out so we had a lot of catching up to do. He gave me shit about sleeping with his room mate this past summer and I gave him shit for dating a girl that was bat shit crazy. We were flirting but I didn’t think to much into it because thats how we had always been with each other. Well the drinks were just kept coming and so did a couple shots… we were going to leave and he makes a comment about how good he was at the basketball game. Me being my typical smart ass self said if you score over 70 I’ll kiss you. Where this came from I have no idea. We had never messed around and I had never even thought about him like that. I blame it on the drinks!

He didn’t score over 70… I didn’t really expect him to either considering he is a soccer player. I go to walk towards the door and to my surprise he grabs my hand and pins me to the basketball machine. I was shocked to say the least but I did kiss him back. Also not my fault lol I get very turned on when a guy is rough and the fact that one this caught me so off guard, two we were in a public place and three he was a good kisser I was putty in his hands, for the moment. I did come back to my senses soon though, I pulled away gave him a look and walked out of the bar.

(I blame the rest of the night on that look…)

Of course he followed and I knew he would. I was getting my keys out and he pulled them from my hands, pinned my arms to my car and whispered in my ear I’m driving get in now. When did he start being so bold I have no idea but hey who was I to question it. I got in the passenger side. He didn’t touch me in the car he didn’t even say a word, I’m not normally the girl who just waits but I sat there and mirrored his actions. We get back he opens my door takes my hand and causally walks in the building and to my apartment like nothing had ever happened. He lets me unlock the door and I’m barely inside for he has me up against the wall. I’m not sure if I ever had my clothes taken off so fast! We were knocking things off the wall, off the counters trying to find the bed. I’m not sure if it was the drinks or the fact that we knew we shouldn’t be doing it because of his room mate and the fact that he had just gotten out of a relationship a week but it was probably some of the best sex I’ve had to date. I’m talking hair pulling, back scratch, piss of the neighbors, bruises and carpet burn kind of sex.

We both had to work in the morning but since we live in the same building he just crashed at my place. He has to be up stupid early for work, I’m talking 4:30am. I don’t remember hearing his alarm but the next thing I know he is pulling me on top of him. If I could have an orgasm for an alarm clock every morning I wouldn’t be complaining. We finish he kisses me on the forehead and he leaves for work.

Is this as bad as I think it is?

This is just the first installment of stories I have about Mr. Off Limits… trust me more crazy things have happen recently. Stay Tuned!!


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