Mr. West Coast


Okay my tag lines aren’t great but holy fuck I had one of the best nights! So I’m not proud but I swiped right on Tinder and was chatting with this guy. He wasn’t from Charlotte and made clear he was just in town for a couple of days but wanted to hangout. I was off work so I debated all day. When my boredom struck I said fuck it. As I got ready I thought to myself…what does one wear on a “Tinder date”? I decided black shiny jeans, heels, tank top with cleavage out and this super hot motto style jacket = too cool for school.

He texted me his address, as I put it in my maps and it popped up as the Ritz Carlton, wow. He said: “just valet your car and I’ll take care of it.” Done. I walked into the Ritz which is in the city and there stood this tall, dark, handsome stud of a guy = mind blown. Thank you Tinder. He said: “what should we do? Dinner or drinks?” The bartender in me said drinks. So we walked across the street to the epicenter (which is this arena of bars and clubs) and went to the first bar we came to. I ordered a red bull and vodka and his eyes got big. I pretty sure he thought, “wow this girl is intense or party girl” for sure. Fuck it. But he interrupted the bartender and said: “belvedere and red bull for her please”..aww.

The conversation flowed just as easy as the drinks and I was totally feeling this guy’s vibe. So mysterious all I knew was that he was in town on work and from San Francisco. Hot. At our third bar visit and umpteenth shot I blurted “lets go to the strip club!” Only me. I could tell he was pumped so off we went.  In the cab over he stared at me the whole time and finally after compliment after compliment grabbed me in his lap and kissed me. Theres just something so hot about a guy that grabs you without permission and rocks your world. We were at the strip club getting drinks when this guy came up and shoved him. Caught off guard we turned around and right as I was about to open my mouth they shook hands and hugged. It was his friend, what a small world. His friend took us upstairs to VIP (which VIP in a strip club is were all the fine girls are). I looked around and noticed that all of these guys were muscular. I finally leaned over and said: “what do you do again?”

No big deal, just an assistant coach for… (I can’t say which NBA team) and the guys in VIP were all of his players. Damn. After many “couple” lap dances and make out sessions later we took a cab back to the Ritz and upstairs I went to his room. He took control immediately. I loved it. He stopped before he took my patties off and said: “I know your a good girl and I don’t think you’re a slut, our connection right now is out of control. Do you want me to stop?” Thankful for some recognition I gave the green light.

We fucked all night, it was amazing.

We still text almost every day and he is itching to get back to Charlotte. I guess guys on the West Coast are decent.



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