If You’ve Got It Flaunt It…


I read an interesting article today on Elite Daily about how women and how they choose to use their sexuality. Here is the article if you’d like to read it.

Anyway that article got me thinking… why is it the society thinks they can judge us on what we wear? Who are you to tell a women what she should feel comfortable wearing. And regardless of what we are wearing we are NEVER asking for it! There is such a double standard out there for men and women. If men sleep with a lot of girls its fine, hell it even makes them “cooler” but if a women sleeps with a lot or even a few men she is labeled a “slut”. How is that fair?! Sex is sex regardless it takes two people (lol well most of the time). One of the messages we want to get across with this blog is that its ok to be exactly who you are, its ok to talk about the things other people won’t, its ok to say things, its ok to do whatever you want with who ever you want!

I had an ex try to make me feel bad because he found out that Blakely and I had gotten into a club downtown for free through the VIP doors. WHO THE FUCK CARES! It’s not our fault that the guys that work the door can be persuaded by a couple pretty smiles and cute outfits. Blakely and I do it all the time of we think we can talk our way into somewhere we try, whats the worse they are going to say, no. Ladies nine times out of ten they wont tell you no. If you walk up there with some confidence and a smirk you can pretty much make any man do what you want. Like the article says men use their own ” charm and wit” to get what they want so why can’t we use what we have. I’m not by any means saying you should take your clothes of to get what you want but don’t be afraid to be confident in what you are wearing and what you are doing. If you believe in you so will other people, men find confidence sexy so use it! If you want to wear that short skirt rock it, you know you have standards and the length of a skirt doesn’t change those standards.



4 thoughts on “If You’ve Got It Flaunt It…

  1. This idea is something I struggle with as a woman. I think a woman should 100% feel confident and secure in her body. I also think, in no circumstance, the way a woman dresses is an indication that she is “asking for it.” I am, however, against the idea that a woman’s power comes through her body. I personally find this idea insulting.

    I agree that people have different strengths or assets that they are born with. For some it’s how they look aesthetically, for others it’s a quick wit, charming personality, an amazing sense of humor, etc. People should be able to feel confident in who they are and work with what they have. However, categorizing that a woman’s power comes through her sexuality is a form of sexism in itself. Both men and woman use their physical appearance to get what they want, as both genders use their intellect to get what they want. It isn’t a gender distinction, but people using what they have. I think the gender distinctions is the problem not these actions.

    I remember I once read something about a Middle eastern woman’s perspective on Western women. It mentioned the idea that the Western woman sees the Middle Eastern woman as oppressed by men because she is forced to hide her body in public. It then noted that the Middle Eastern woman thought the same of the Western woman because her body was being objectified by the males in Western culture. The Western culture is the one that places more pressure on women and how they look. I think these perspectives are interesting and important to take into consideration as well.

  2. This article couldn’t be anymore true. The double standard in our society has been going on for the longest. Men receive praise for getting as much sex as possible but women are looked down on for doing this. Excellent writing I must say.

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