Super Bowl Sunday Shenanigans


Super Bowl wasn’t a good day for football but it definitely was a good day for my sex life.

Woke up that morning with Mr. Off Limits (the room mate) in my bed he had somewhere to be so we didn’t really have time for a good morning lay, thats a sad thing I know! Anyway fast forward a couple hours and I’ve showered done my makeup and my hair because I was going to run out and get things done before the game. Only problem was I was still horny! I texted him and asked him to come upstairs, he response was I’m about to go for a run do you want to come? My girl logic was screaming no you already look cute and you just want sex! The workout logic in me was like damn a run would be good and its so nice out… It also doesn’t help that I have the hots for him so of course I went for a run… in my defense I did look cute on the run haha

Now its game time and I still haven’t gotten laid. I go up to my apartment to get more beer right before half time and guess who shows up at my door… He doesn’t even knock he just walks in and pins me up against the wall in my kitchen. It was probably under two mins before he had my shirt off and had me bent over the bed. Good thing it wasn’t much of a football game because we didn’t end up leaving my apartment until the game was in the forth quarter. I really didn’t think we were up there that long but he I wasn’t complaining. I mean damn I had been waiting for it all day! Little did I know he had plans to come up for round 2 after the game ended… I know he is so off limits but I just can’t help it I can’t tell him no.



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