I was out with some work friends last night having a blast when my American bad boy texted me and told me he got a table at Oak Room…oh no. So I left it up to chance…if the guys and girls wanted to go we would go but it would NOT be my decision. We went. My co-workers finally got a taste of the VIP life and they drank every sip of the cool aid. My American bad boy was being overly sweet, I haven’t seen him in a while because I had to make my point but even the bottle girl said: “Is this the beautiful girl you’ve been waiting for”? You can imagine my surprise. I was very standoffish the whole night playing hard to get and giving all of my attention to my girlfriends.

After much smoozing and shot taking it was the time of the night to go our separate ways but he had a surprise he just had to show me…so I went along for the ride. I rode in a huge cab with all of his friends squished in his lap. I noticed that we were driving far and a ways down the highway. Finally we showed up to this gorgeous house on a lake. Holy cow this place was huge! He walked me inside and took me down the stairs and opened up the back door. So pretty, it was a view of the back yard right on the lake. The perfect little lake house. “I bought it” he said. He grabbed my face and in that moment I gave in. When our lips touch its like the fire and ice crashing together into this crazy connection. He could tell that I wasn’t cool doing this with his friends in the house so we took a cab back to his other house. In the cab he pulled out a small bottle and gave me a look. “I’ve been dying to do this with you,” you down? Fuck. Okay. It wasn’t the first time I’ve done molly, I had an ex that liked to play with it every one and a while. I blew down the first line and immediately came alive, I knew the rest of the night would be a constant up hill from here.

We stumbled into his house both on a cosmic high. He fell on top of me on the stairs and ripped my shirt off. He did a line off of my breasts and we made our way into the bed room. The best thing about molly is that hours can go by and you only think its been 30 minutes. After “minutes” of playing intercourse, he flipped me on my stomach and did a line from my ass. So hot. He went all Wolf of Wall Street on my ass…and I loved it. I did one last line off of his dick and rolled into this euphoric sexual ignition. We fucked for hours and hours. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had. My best memory of that night was him watching me undress and roll around on his bed naked. His face was so hungry that he pounced on me like a lion.

I woke up the next morning sexually satisfied but a little mad that I gave into him…again. When will I ever learn?


2 thoughts on “Euphoric

  1. Lovely stuff. Though on the few occasions that I’ve done that stuff my cock simply refuses to work!

    However this may be because I was doing lines of crushed paracetamol that had been ‘dressed up’ as something else…

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