Guess Who’s Back



Been a while since I’ve posted but after the birthday weekend I needed a month off! But lets see, where did I leave off?

My American Bad Boy and I are still playing the Tango but he’s been leaning more towards the right than to the left. After my birthday he’s been texting me and inviting me to his house for dinner, volunteering to watch my baby Bentley (my pit bull), and wants me to come over…just to cuddle! I’m thinking what in the world has changed? The more he pulls towards me the more I pull away. I like him and like partying with him, but I don’t ever see myself dating him. “Hey mom this is my boyfriend, he makes a ridiculous amount of  money and doesn’t have a real job.”

Classic example: He’s in Vegas for a week and I receive texts every other night: “I miss you,” “I want to lay with you,” and other sexting comments. Every girl likes to hear those things but now that I’ve finally got him in a corner, I’m not interested. If he would have been a man and acted like this from the beginning then maybe things would be different. I don’t know, I guess I’ll see where this whole thing plays out…

On the other hand since my personal life is taking a hit my professional life is blooming. I’m about 3 months away from my promotion I just can’t decide if I want to stay in Charlotte. I’ve made great friends here and have started to plant roots but I feel like there could be more!

BUT all work and no play makes an uptight bitch…so its time for Blakely and Alex to play!



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