Hot & Heavy


I made plans last night to go grill out and later go out with my favorite young married couple. I actually really like hanging out with them because the girl is one of the best friends that I’ve made here in Charlotte and the husband is a nice guy that happens to be a gourmet chef. So I walk into their house and I see another guy and a girl, I just assume they are together or married but I look and no rings. Hmmm. This guy is really guy cute, he is tall built, nice shoulders, gorgeous smile and he is a Pisces just like me! We don’t really converse too much because I am trying to feel him out and the vibe he has with the girl he brought with him.

After dinner we get ready and head uptown! I quickly pick up on the friend vibe he is giving to her but you can tell she really likes him. I tell my girlfriend I think he is cute and then start interacting with him. The girl he brought immediately starts to pick up on our body language and flirtatiousness and as soon as he walks to the bar she comes over to my friend and I and says: “You guys we have a problem, I think I am falling for him.” My eyes shoot over to my friend and we both are like great. So I back off and just let him come to me if he wants. And oh boy he did. We started taking shots, dancing, more shots until it was time to leave. The girl he brought found an old hook up buddy and left with him so it was just the four of us heading back to my friend’s house.

As soon as we got in the back seat he grabbed my face and pulled me in his lap. The making out was super hot. We started shifting back and forth in the back seat like we were about to rip our clothes off and just go at it. But I scaled it back and cut his thirst off.

We walked into the house and I immediately headed for the spare bedroom but he didn’t follow. My married friends were already upstairs and passed out I’m sure so I went down to look. He was laying on the couch, he is a nice guy so I offered sharing the bed with him. It was actually really nice of a guy to not assume he is sleeping with you. Upstairs we went.

I teased him a little, I unzipped my dress and revealed my black lace thongs and bra. He approached me and  started giving me the best kisses I’ve had in a LONG time. Then he started kissing my neck and knocking my shoulder straps off of my arms. With a snap he unhooked my bra and it fell to the floor. By body was saying oh yea but my head quickly jumped in. I pulled back and told him that I was not having sex with him because thats not my style. The look he gave me was so reassuring, he smiled and said: “good,” we went to the bed. We continued to aggressively make out and actually stayed up talking all night until 5 am. Also the first time I’ve actually physically and mentally connected with someone.

Long story short, I met another great guy that doesn’t live in Charlotte! First, Mr.West Coast and now Mr. Wilmington. Got to love the single life!



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