Last night I made plans with my all American bad boy we went for drinks at this local bar called boardwalks. It’s a really chill place with fun people that work there, its one of our favorite places. So we go and start drinking and he immediately puts his cards on the table. He says: “I really like you, and I love hanging out with you. We have a fucking blast every time and all of my friends love you and they know that I love you too. But I’m just not looking for a serious relationship right now. If I was I would date you, all my friends know how much I care about you.”

I’m sort of embarrassed/flabbergasted not because of him saying this but because of the way he said it. Its like telling someone that you care about them and want to spend every minute with them but you don’t want to commit to them. And I’m not looking for a commitment but it just sounded all wrong to me. Thank god I’m sarcastic and was able to roll it off and make a joke. But how do I take that comment? And he constantly blows my phone up to hang out or go do something. Confusion. What do you guys think?



3 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. someone wants to have their cake and eat it. I’ve run into this several times. Past experience says use him until you get tired of him because he’s too afraid to commit to you, and ain’t nobody got time for a chicken! 😀

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