The One Night Stand


I know this is going to sound shocking but i have never had one. Yes you read that right, I Alex have never had a one night stand… everyone I’ve hooked up with I have been dating or had feelings for. I have never just taken a random guy home from a bar or where ever, slept with him and never spoken to him again.

But apparently its something every girl should do once… or so my friends say. All this stuff with Mr. Whitewater has really fucked with my head (I’ll tell you about that tomorrow) that I am actually considering doing this. I think, maybe, I don’t know. Something about sleeping with a random guy just for the hell of it doesn’t sound like fun to me. What the fuck are you suppose to do in the morning lol?! What if its awkward? What if he is super small? What if he can’t kiss? Oh man lol the number of things that can go wrong seem endless. If someone could please explain to me what is so great about one night stands I am all ears but I think for right now I’m just going to stick with my vibrator until I find someone I want to date.


4 thoughts on “The One Night Stand

  1. Absolutely not…I am completely against them. Take it from a girl who who has had three of them…they’re gross and not worth it. You don’t feel any better in the morning and btw…you DON’T spend the night with them that’s for sure. One night stands are a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ kind of a thing…. Anyhoo if you want meaningless sex just call up an old ex who’s single and create a go to Fuck Buddy…but I say no! to the one night escapades. …the vibrator always works too (also: less mess:)

  2. They’re fun if you find someone you have great chemistry with. I recently had one, had a *great* time and he cooked an amazing breakfast the next day.

  3. Totally agree with tarynbarnes. Do what YOU want to. I don’t care if something was the greatest thing to all my friends, if I’m not feelin’ it, end of story. I’m in charge of myself and my body. No one better tell me that what was great for him/herself will be great for me too. Leave those silly peer pressures behind.

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