Welcome To My Life, It’s A First Class Hot Mess


My life = a complete mess…


Friday night I went out for a going away party with friends of Mr. Whitewater. It was no big deal he wasn’t there and everyone had a goos time. Most of the night I spent with my best friend just sitting at the bar talking to people. For most of the time the one guy has his arm around my shoulder or on my back. I know him and he knows about Mr. Whitewater and everything else so I really didn’t think twice about it. Well later that night that guy starts texting me asking me to come over and blah blah blah I tell him no and let it go he was drunk. That same night we all go to the strip club and yes i am still with Mr. Whitewater’s friends my room mate and my best friend. Some of them had to work in the morning so I told them they could crash at my place bc it was close. We get back to my place and one of the guys gets in my bed… he has a girl friend I know her I like her he literally just got in my bed to sleep NOTHING HAPPENED!

Saturday night I went backpacking with let’s just call him the Teacher. He also is friends with Mr. Whitewater but I’ve been hanging out with him for a couple weeks now. He knows everything that happened between Mr. Whitewater and I. Anyway the Teacher and I go camping just the two of us. It was a great trip we talked we hung out we had text sex lol I have no complaints about how the weekend went. I get back last night and pass out around 630. By the time i wake up around 10 my room mate is home. I knew this was coming but I still wasn’t trying to have the conversation.

Next thing I know my room mate is lecturing me about everything that has happened in the past two weeks. “Alex what is it you want from guys?” “Don’t you realize what you are doing?” “Don’t you realize all these guys are connected?” “Why can’t you just be happy?” “Don’t you see something wrong with this?” Question after question after question… this goes on for almost 20 mins. Then he brings up the Teacher and goes I really don’t like him and you can do so much better than him but the cherry on top was when he said and I quote, “Don’t let him spend the night over here. I don’t care if you want to sleep at his place but I don’t want him here. If you didn’t like the girl I was seeing I wouldn’t bring her around and I expect the same respect.” WHAT THE FUCK?!? I let it go last night because i was tired of having this conversation. Now as I sit at work and think about it I ‘m super heated.

First of all he has no right to tell me who I can bring back to my own place. He has been there for two weeks and he doesn’t even pay rent, clean up or anything. but he thinks he can tell me who I can have spend the night based on the fact that he doesn’t like him. Umm no try again. This guy has had one girlfriend his entire life, he already admitted to not knowing what it is like to be in love or to get hurt. And he sure as hell has no idea what it is like to have someone tell you that you aren’t worth it. I get it I haven’t made some of the best decisions since Mr. Whitewater and I ended but he has no right to judge me. It would be one thing if I was fucking all these guys but I’m not. Honestly after all of this part of my wants to just end any and all relationships with anyone that knows my ex and just walk away from everything. I’m not blaming anyone I put myself in these situations but I definitely don’t need someone in my ear judging me about them.


Going, Going…GONE…


And just like that as fast as it started it is over. Mr. Whitewater ended things because I threw yet another drunken fit. Moral of the story I going to lay off from the drinking for a while…a longgggg while. Because the sad part is I never wanted to push him away I never anted things to end. He was perfect for me, he made me want to be a better person he pushed me outside of my comfort zone but most of all he made me feel safe and cared for, wanted…

This happened Sunday night after the soccer game and it has taken me four days to even try to write this. I didn’t go to work on Monday hell I didn’t even get out of bed. I’ve done nothing but cry and cry and cry. Everything in my apartment reminds me of him. My hoodie smells like his sunscreen, I can’t even look at some of my dresses because they make me think of the time he tried to literally rip my dress off of me during a lunch break hookup session. I haven’t stepped foot on my patio because the last time I was really out there he was so cute and gave me his necklace that suppose to protect you on water. It was so sweet the way he did it and it was the first time he had ever given his necklace to anyone. It is the smallest things right not that just completely undo me. I can’t even go into my pictures on my phone bc there are a bunch of him taking selfies and being dumb. All I can think about is all the things we did together, all the times he made me laugh, gave me butterflies. the time I got back from a trip and it had only been three days and when he opened the front door he just kissed me and I mean really kissed me. He didn’t say hi he just wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. Even though I wasn’t ready for it and had a mouthful of corn dog the kiss still made my knees go weak. and now, now he won’t see me he won’t speak to me, I know he is hurt but he is killing me.

I would give anything for him to forgive me, take me back and let me make it right….