The Fighter


Well damn… last night was ummm something else to say the least. I decided I needed to get out of a funk so I was just going to start very casually dating. I mean super casual as in lets go grab dinner maybe a drink  and talk, no kissing no hooking up just hanging out. That was working out pretty well for me until last night. I have texting this guy for about two weeks but because of our schedules we had yet to met up. I met him on Tinder, go ahead and judge me for that. He got me to swipe right because of his pictures but I was more attracted to him because of what he said to me on tinder. I mean right off the bat he laid it out there that he didn’t really care what i did for a living or where i was from and that he had no intention of having that same boring cliche conversation. He asked me what my biggest fears are, what my passions are, what relationship screwed me up the most and other things along those lines. At first I was like whoa time out thats way to much. but he made a good point if you can’t tell a complete stranger something who can you tell. Next thing I know I am telling him things I don’t tell my friends. It was weird but very refreshing I was so open and honest about what I was saying and oddly relaxed about it. Fast forward about two weeks through on and off conversations and snap chats and we get to last night.

He asked me to go to dinner earlier in the day and I agreed. As it got closer and closer to me having to leave I was debating on bailing. I didn’t I showed up about 15 mins late but hey I went. Now keep in mind this guys knows a lot of personal stuff about me and my sex life. In my defense I never actually thought I would met him. You would think the conversation would be kinda awkward considering everything we had talked about before meeting but it wasn’t at all. We had a great conversation, you never would have guessed it was the first time we had hung out. He kept me laughing and smiling all night long and not the fake laugh and smile but I was actually having a really good time. We went out for drinks after dinner and we continued our great conversation just talking about anything and everything.

One thing we talked about a lot through text and last night was sex. I had already told him I had never had a one night stand and that it wasn’t my thing, hell I told him before we even met for dinner I wasn’t going to sleep with him last night. And he has this I don’t know what you would call it a rule I guess about if he sleeps with a girl on the first night he won’t see her again. Well we get back to my place and I’m sitting in my big over stuffed chair and he is on the couch. At some point he gets up and comes and sits on the chair with me. Did I mention he wasn’t wearing a shirt…OMGGGG he is a fighter/boxer so his body is amazing. I’m talking perfectly cut not to much but definitely cut to perfection. So anyway he is sitting on the chair with me and he was ridding my legs and I was across his back and through his hair while we talked. He leans over and starts making out with me. I was fucking done ha he was such a good kisser. This goes on for I don’t know 20ish mins before he moves me to the couch and climbs on top of me. At this point I am fighting the urge to rip his shorts off. I keep telling myself  “don’t be that girl, don’t be that girl”… well you can probably guess what happens…

We end up in my guest bedroom both of us trying really hard not to give in… We gave in and we gave in in spectacular fashion. The sex was seriously some of the best sex I have had in a long time. It was beyond clear that there was a connection there but in the back of my head when we were done I was think fuck did we just screw this up. Mind you at this point its 430 in the morning. I wake up this morning wondering if I would see or hear from him again, by 10am my question was answered… he didn’t ask he told me he was staying with me tonight and that he would see me after work. Now I get to send the rest of the day thinking about round 2 with The Fighter tonight.

Side note: he is the first person in 6 months to completely make me forget about Mr. Whitewater for a night, I’m taking that as a good sign.


What a Girl’s Outfit at the Bar Says About Her

What a Girl’s Outfit at the Bar Says About Her.

by Ariana Basseri on February 20, 2014


This is the definition of judging a book by its cover, so hear me out.

I’ve worn all these ensembles and had the correlating personas to back it up. As a girl, you can be the babe looking like you belongs at “da club” on Friday and be dressed like a kindergarten teacher Saturday. It all goes back to when you were rifling through your closet earlier that night.

Here is a guide to help you read how she’s feeling- all based on what she left her pregame wearing.

Skin-Tight American Apparel


What It Means: I’m a confident badass. I’ve worked my ass off at the gym and resisted Chipotle for the last forty-eight hours. I’m going to be a lightweight tonight because I ate a piece of toast for dinner six hours ago. You can see when I inhale and I have nothing to hide. If I’m wearing underwear, it’s hiked up to my waist and I literally look like a silhouette of my naked self. You have a good chance to later discover my stick-on bra if I don’t leave the bar early to eat some street meat.

Cultural reference: 2007 Paris Hilton

Flowy top over jeans with major cleavage


What It Means:  I have my period. I’d like to distract from the 5 pounds of water weight being distributed randomly on my body by showing major chest action. I’m overcompensating with heavy makeup and my highest heels. I probably cried earlier that day about an incorrect sandwich order, so please be sensitive. You won’t completely score with me tonight, but you’ll get me at my best breasts.

Cultural reference: Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project

Hipster – Dark


What It Means:  I’m bored and DGAF chic. I’m wearing a floppy hat, thick-rimmed glasses and caplet thing. My hair may also be in a high bun. I think I’m too good for this shit. I’m going to talk authors, gallery openings and the most expensive fair-trade coffee I’ve ever had to scare you off. I will completely lose interest in you unless you pull up a seat and offer me your American Spirits. Negative points for Camel Crushes, who do you think I am?

Cultural reference: Daria (Daria. Obvi.)

Hipster- Light


What It Means: I’m high. I’m wearing a loose ethereal flowing dress with sandals. I’d love to talk about the energy of this place and drink your beer without permission. I will say yes to join you on the d-floor and tell you 100% more than you ever wanted to know about your zodiac sign. I’d love to leave this place to go meet your bong named Klaus.

Cultural reference: Jessa from Girls

Daytime Outfit

What It Means:  I was pressured into this. I have no fucks to give. My shirt is some cotton blend and I’ve been wearing it since breakfast. My friends forced me to leave my apartment and I have a cab waiting for me outside. I can be swayed to have a good time but my un-styled ponytail and faded makeup is cramping my confidence. I won’t believe your compliments so don’t try. Actually, just don’t try at all.

Cultural reference: Lindsay Lohan

Future Politician’s Wife


What It Means:  I’m secret sexy. I’m all done up and my hair is perfectly quaffed. Don’t take my high neckline and pearls as a deterrent. You think I’m going to be no fun, and you are so wrong. Even drunk I keep total composure through the night and never skip a beat when whipping out that sorority pose for pictures. I’ll take you up on your drink offer and will eventually unleash my wild side if you are worthy. I’m your librarian/secretary fantasy realized.

Cultural reference: Claire Underwood (House of Cards)

Basic Bitch


What It Means:  It’s not a bad thing. I>’m on point with the rest of the female population in here. My outfit can be summed up as “cute!!” I’m wearing jeans or a bandage skirt, party top and heels. So are all my friends. This is an average night out and I can see it going anywhere. After all, I can easily pull this outfit off tomorrow morning at Starbucks with little judgment from thebaristas.

Cultural reference: Anyone ever cast as “hot club girl.”

Top pic via The Chive


Whats Your Number?


The one question every girl dreads.. literally we will avoid answering that question at all cost even if our number is considered “low”. We know that as soon as you hear our number you are judging us strictly on that and nothing else. We just read this article on and we could not be more excited that a guy wrote it! It’s about time that guys realize that the number of people we have slept doesn’t change how smart we are, how we interact, the kind of person we are none of it! Newsflash men we like sex just as much as you do but because society has placed a negative connotation on this subject we are scared to admit it.

The double standards in this country are fucking ridiculous, and there is no other way to say that. Blakely and I have a past and who are other people to judge us or anyone for that matter on a part of their life that they had nothing to do with! We all have our past and we all have our stories. the fact that women are looked down  upon because her number is high is stupid. Ladies don’t be ashamed of your number, OWN IT! Don’t ever let a guy make you feel bad over it and if he does he wasn’t good enough for you anyway. If a guy really wants to be with you and be in your life your number wont matter, remember that.


Dating Stories

So lately you have been reading about our dates the good, the bad and the sexual, now we want to hear about some of yours! Go to our Between The Sheets page and send us your best or worst dating stories! We will then take all of your stories and post them anonymously so don’t worry no one will ever know it was you that it happened to 🙂 This is open to anyone it can be your story a friends story we just want to hear about some of the crazy things that y’all have gotten yourselves into!

Mr. West Coast


Okay my tag lines aren’t great but holy fuck I had one of the best nights! So I’m not proud but I swiped right on Tinder and was chatting with this guy. He wasn’t from Charlotte and made clear he was just in town for a couple of days but wanted to hangout. I was off work so I debated all day. When my boredom struck I said fuck it. As I got ready I thought to myself…what does one wear on a “Tinder date”? I decided black shiny jeans, heels, tank top with cleavage out and this super hot motto style jacket = too cool for school.

He texted me his address, as I put it in my maps and it popped up as the Ritz Carlton, wow. He said: “just valet your car and I’ll take care of it.” Done. I walked into the Ritz which is in the city and there stood this tall, dark, handsome stud of a guy = mind blown. Thank you Tinder. He said: “what should we do? Dinner or drinks?” The bartender in me said drinks. So we walked across the street to the epicenter (which is this arena of bars and clubs) and went to the first bar we came to. I ordered a red bull and vodka and his eyes got big. I pretty sure he thought, “wow this girl is intense or party girl” for sure. Fuck it. But he interrupted the bartender and said: “belvedere and red bull for her please”..aww.

The conversation flowed just as easy as the drinks and I was totally feeling this guy’s vibe. So mysterious all I knew was that he was in town on work and from San Francisco. Hot. At our third bar visit and umpteenth shot I blurted “lets go to the strip club!” Only me. I could tell he was pumped so off we went.  In the cab over he stared at me the whole time and finally after compliment after compliment grabbed me in his lap and kissed me. Theres just something so hot about a guy that grabs you without permission and rocks your world. We were at the strip club getting drinks when this guy came up and shoved him. Caught off guard we turned around and right as I was about to open my mouth they shook hands and hugged. It was his friend, what a small world. His friend took us upstairs to VIP (which VIP in a strip club is were all the fine girls are). I looked around and noticed that all of these guys were muscular. I finally leaned over and said: “what do you do again?”

No big deal, just an assistant coach for… (I can’t say which NBA team) and the guys in VIP were all of his players. Damn. After many “couple” lap dances and make out sessions later we took a cab back to the Ritz and upstairs I went to his room. He took control immediately. I loved it. He stopped before he took my patties off and said: “I know your a good girl and I don’t think you’re a slut, our connection right now is out of control. Do you want me to stop?” Thankful for some recognition I gave the green light.

We fucked all night, it was amazing.

We still text almost every day and he is itching to get back to Charlotte. I guess guys on the West Coast are decent.


To See Him or Not To See Him That Is The Question…



Do you remember Mr. Goofball from my Tinder post? Well He wants to get together this week and I have literally been well not blowing him off but putting him off. I really don’t know if I want to see him again. I mean yea he was fun and we had an ok conversation but that is about it. He didn’t leave a lasting impression, actually he didn’t even leave me wanting more. He texted me a couple days later and said he was considering coming to watch a race I was in. Now this would have been sweet we were more serious but considering I had only seen him once and my race was in a completely different state I found it a little creepy. There is a line between cute and creepy and offering to drive to another state to watch an hour race (most of which you couldn’t see) to see someone you’ve met once is definitely on the creepy side of the line.

 I’m a handful I’ll be the first to admit it so I need someone who can balance me out as well as keep my interested. I feel like if I keep seeing him I’m just going to end up walking all over him. Which to some extent would probably be slightly entertaining (in the nicest way possible) but at the end of the day I don’t want someone I can walk over. I can’t help but think if that is how he is on a date I wonder how he would be in bed?

The saying goes “a lady in the streets a freak in the bed” well same goes for you guys! There are very few times I will let someone control me but in the bedroom is one of the places. I just don’t think Mr. Goofball could hang in the bedroom and I’m not sure I even want to find out. Maybe I’ll give him one more chance seeing as I promised Blakely but lets just get one thing clear I am not excited about this date, and unless there is a miracle I probably will never see him again. I guess I should go text him back now…

Sorry I’m a bitch…

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left…


If you’re in your 20s you’ve probably done it, you’ve downloaded Tinder. For those of you that shockingly might not know what Tinder is, it’s an app where you either swipe left or right depending on what you think of the persons picture. So basically you a judging people based strictly on how they look and nothing else. Every once and a while someone will write something but 9 times out of 10 its something dumb like if you could have any super power what would it be? When push comes to shove though Tinder is basically an app for hooking up.

I’ll admit it, I have Tinder on my phone right now. I downloaded at first just out of curiosity and now I keep it mostly for entertainment. And while I’m on this admitting spree I actually have met a couple guys from there. Just to be clear I did not sleep with any of them! There have been 3 so far and I’m suppose to meet another next week. Lets meet my Tinder boys…

1. Mr. Homeless
Ok so he was his pictures (all 5 of them) where of him doing mud runs and other outside stuff and he looked cute so I agreed to meet for drinks one night. I get there and yes he looked like his pictures but when he opened his mouth and spoke it sounded like he never hit puberty! Ok so maybe it shallow but strike one for the voice. We get to talking and I find out that he is living in a tent. I wish I was making this up but he was literally staying on some random land in a tent every night for the next two months until his condo was done. His parents live here and he still picked a tent. Needless to say I didn’t see Mr. Homeless again.

2. Mr. Drunk
The night the Panthers played the Patriots was an interesting night all the way around for more reasons then Mr. Drunk. I agreed to meet Mr. Drunk at a local sports bar to watch the game. Little did I know he was a die hard Panthers fan and hammered drunk by the time I got there.  I love football but he was a little much considering it was the first time we had met. He kept running into people and spilling his drink. Oh and then there was the kissing… The Panthers pulled ahead and he got so excited that he kissed me I thought it was just going to be a pop kiss, I was wrong! Next thing I know his tongue is down my throat in what was probably sloppiest kiss I’d ever had. He finally had to pee and I went and hid. Yes I hid, he was so drunk, all over me and just straight acting like a fool I had to get away. Again I never saw him again after that night.

3. Mr. Goofball
I actually just met Mr. Goofball this week. We had been texting for a couple days and he actually seemed like a normal guy. We could carry on a conversation, he would talk shit back to me and he was funny. I agreed to have dinner with him. We go to Flemings Steakhouse in Uptown. He gets there and he is taller then me, bonus points! The conversation is a tab awkward but we keep it going. But I kept getting distracted because you know how some people having really bendy fingers, like they will bend back really far. Well he kept bending his fingers back and on top of that he kept touching his face. Not just once or twice but like every couple minutes. Maybe he was just super nervous. Overall the night wasn’t bad but you know how you know if there is something there or not pretty quick, well there just wasn’t anything there for me. I didn’t want to jump in bed with him hell I didn’t really want to kiss him and he didn’t try and I was ok with that. We have been texting still and I was suppose to met him for drinks last night but last minute I bailed with a lame excuse. I did promise Blakley that I would go out with him for a second time so I’ll keep you posted on that.

4. Mr. Basketball
I haven’t actually met Mr. Basketball yet. He invited me to a concert tonight but I couldn’t go. Not because I didn’t want to but I already had plans that I couldn’t break. I can tell you this about him, he is 6’6, from New Zealand and played pro basketball.  I’m supposed to see him Saturday night I’ll let you know how it goes!