Cross Roads


I have been enjoying my time with my all american bad boy and my new guy that its been too good to be true lately. They both give me attention is different ways that I find to be truly fulfilling. Last night something not very good happened.

I decided it was time that my new guy meet one of my best friends and her husband. So we decided to get a 1/2 gallon of Jose and grill some steaks. My new guy is completely opposite of me, he is shy, laid-back, easy going, casual, and is always mannerly and polite. I consider myself to be a very outspoken, intense, forward person so I truly believe that opposites attract sometimes. Anyway we are all four laughing, drinking, eating and having a great time until my friend/boss shows up. He starts pound tequila and we decide to play a drinking game which doesn’t help because we are all pretty drunk at the point. My boss and I start bickering back and forth (thats how we communicate mostly) and then all of the sudden he starts to go off on me yelling at the top of his lungs. My girlfriend and I are flabbergasted, me especially because a man has never spoken to me in a way such as he is doing. Her husband steps in and gets him to go outside and try to make him realize he is wrong. My poor new guy who is “drama-free” is feeling awkward because he can’t decide whether to step in or do nothing because he doesn’t know anyone. I’m starting to cry and everything goes down hill. I’m embarrassed that my new guy has witnessed this…and I am also embarrassed because I have never been in a situation like this.

I go sit down with my new guy and he says: “I don’t know what to do, I stay drama free so I don’t know how to handle this.” Which of course makes me feel bad. So I dry my tears up and we go upstairs to her guest bedroom and go to sleep…

We walk into the guest room, he immediately starts tucking my hair behind my ear and starts kissing my neck. This feels too good. We start to strip each other down but I am noticing how aggressive he is being. Usually he makes very sensual, sweet,  passionate sex and now its turned up ten notches. He is grabbing me and pulling me in every way he wants me. He pulls away from my mouth and tells me to get on my knees, (I actually love being submissive it’s so sexy to see a man in charge..) he pulls my head to his pelvic, and forces his self inside. I love this. I am doing exactly what he wants. He picks me up and with one thrusting motion I am on top. He firmed grabs my hips pushing me the motion he wants. That was only round one. After three round of intense sex I wake up the next morning to round 4. What a bad/great night.

We drive back to my apartment he leaves as I get ready for work. I start to dwell on the negatives of last night and send him a questioning text response.




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